Hello, College of Engineering & Applied Science.

Please enjoy these work samples as part of my application for the Director of Engineering Communications and Marketing. Additional samples may be found elsewhere on this portfolio website.


Sample 1: Great Risk. Great Reward.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory

My role: 
I wrote the opening letter and many of the reports (Bear, Brown, Chung, Flavell, Littleton, Miller, Nedivi, Sur, Wilson) along with headlines and captions. Articles were drafted from sponsored research reports written by PIs and compiled by the MIT staff. I reviewed 2-3 reports and then selected the research findings to include, "translated" research notes into accessible language and wrote the short-form report. In some cases, I collected images for the designer. 

Asha Bhakar, Director of Development for the Picower Institute
Theresa Werth, Sponsored Research Staff at MIT
Designed by contract designer I did not work with. We collaborated using Dropbox.

Method of Distribution:
Print. Used by the Director and PIs of the Institute to share research updates with the public. Publication was shared wtih donors and prospective donors.

Date of Publication: November 2017

About the Publication: 
Scientific research at the Picower Institute is advanced through an innovation fund that empowers scientists to engage in high risk, high reward research that government often cannot fund. This report details the most promising and important research findings of 2017.


Sample 2: Discovery Fuels Industry Growth

The Governor's Award for High-Impact Research

My role: 
I condensed 12-25 pages of nomination form content for each entry to write one-sheets detailing the award-winning research. 

Dan Powers, Executive Director of CO-LABS
Dan coordinated a review with the lab staff for accuracy.

Method of Distribution:
Print and PDF. Used by CO-LABS to engage media.

Date of Publication: October 2017

About the Publication: 
CO-LABS is a consortium of federally funded scientific laboratories, universities, businesses and leaders organized to nurture and champion Colorado as a global leader in research and technology, and its commercialization. These fact sheets promote the winners of the  Governor's Award for High-Impact Research.

Sample 3: A Life of Art Lives on through a Scholarship Legacy

University of Denver
Legacy Matters

My role: 
I interviewed the alumna in her home and wrote the story.

Steve Shineman, Executive Director of Gift Planning
The Stelter Company for design and execution

Method of Distribution:
Email, E-Newsletter, Postcard and Print Newsletter

Date of Publication: Fall 2017

About the Publication: 
This profile celebrates the life of artist, alumni, and donor, Helen Davis, who at 94-years-young continues to support women, education and the arts as a daily practice and through her scholarship legacy.