In our country, this is the way we say Hello.*


I am a creative innovator » writer, artist, performer, entrepreneur.

WRITER My non-fiction writing has appeared in a variety of publications from WIRED to Mother Jones to Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review. » My personal essays earned me the epithet, “a Bucky Fuller for the next century.”

ARTIST My five-year web-based project Awaken (progenitor to today’s blogs) was a top pick by The Guardian Observer magazine and was featured in the movie HomePage, which debuted at the Sundance and Rotterdam film festivals.

PERFORMER I debuted my multimedia performance f2f at the Web Design and Development Conference in San Francisco. » I was an early participant and ranger at the Burning Man festival and core instigator of the bianca (loves you) camp.

ENTREPRENEUR I founded HotWired (, one of the Web’s first commercial content sites, which was credited by Advertising Age with the invention of the ad banner. » My second startup, ShopTok, was a mashup of community and ecommerce and, though promising, sadly met its demise in the first tech bubble burst.


* Laurie Anderson, Say Hello, United States Live